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Guide to selecting a Cancun / Playa del Carmen / Riviera Maya Golf Course.

Updated: Jan 26

So you are getting excited about your upcoming trip to Cancun / Riviera Maya and are planning a round or two on a beautiful Mexican Caribbean Golf Course, but which golf course should you choose?

With over 15 golf courses within 100 km from Cancun airport choosing can be tough. Hopefully this guide will help you.

sea views at playa mujeres golf resort and spa
Sea Views at Playa Mujeres Golf Course

First, the good news; which-ever golf course you choose it will be great!

A quick internet search reveals that all the Cancun / Riviera golf courses are reviewed and rated very highly (normally very close to the highest possible 5-Stars) and we would agree. Fairways and greens are kept in immaculate condition, staff are professional and most have been designed by a “Big Name” such as Jack Nicaklaus.

The only downside to these amazing 5-star golf courses is often the 5 star price tag; You won`t find any municipal $50 golf courses here!

So which Golf Course to select?

It would make sense to narrow your search and start by chosing one close to your hotel accommodation:

The Hotel Zone, your closest courses are:

Puerto Cancun Golf Course

Pok ta Pok Golf Course

Iberostar Cancun Golf Course

Riviera Cancun Golf Course.

Playa Mujeres Complex, closest courses are:

Playa Mujeres Golf Course

Puerto Cancun Golf Course

Puerto Morelos, closest courses are:

El Tinto Country Club Golf Course

Iberostar Paradiso Golf Course

El Manglar Golf Course (par 3 golf course)

Playa del Carmen, closest courses are:

Hard Rock Playacar Golf Course

Mayakoba Golf Course

Gran Coral Golf Course

Tulum: closest course is:

Riviera Maya Golf Course (not to be confused with the Riviera Cancun Golf Course)

Putting at PGA Riviera Maya Golf Course
Putting on the beautiful Riviera Maya Golf Course

Putting on the beautiful Riviera Maya Golf Course

Prices and getting the best deal?

Prices will probably be a major factor in your golf course selection. So how do you get the best deal on golf in Cancun / Playa del Carmen /Riviera Maya?

  • Many hotels have agreements with a local golf course and offer their customers discounted rates so it is definitely worth checking with your hotel first (Some offer “Free golf” but check out my other post (click here) before believing your hotel`s marketing hype)

  • The time you play golf can make a significant difference to the price. Most Cancun and Riviera golf courses offer cheaper golf in the afternoon after 2pm, known as Twilight. For example at the time of writing the Hard Rock Playacar Golf Course charges 230 USD for T-Times in the morning, dropping to just $130 USD after 2pm. It gets dark between 6-7 pm so the downside is you might be finishing your round in the dark.

  • In the last few years Internet booking sites have been popping up, a good one is . Type in the location: Cancun / Playa del Carmen / Riviera Golf courses and a list of golf courses in the area will appear, often they have Hot Deals which is normally great valve.

Having a few beers during / after you round?

Remember to ask exactly what the golf course offers for the price. Many include just playing 18 holes (Green Fee) and the golf buggy. Others include Food and drink (including alcoholic) during your round and also afterwards in their restaurant. With a beer costing about $5 this can make a massive difference so you might like to consider first weather you will be having a drink and something to eat at the course or heading straight back to the hotel after your round.

riviera cancun golf course bar and restaurant overlooking course
Some Riviera Maya Golf Courses include drinks & food during/after your golf

Some Riviera Maya Golf Courses include drinks & food during/after

Cancun / Riviera Maya / Playa del Carmen golf courses: Quick fire comparison guide

Most Expensive Course: El Cameleon Mayakoba

Why? Superb course/ holds a PGA tour event which adds to it`s prestige & they feel justifies charging a higher green fee.

Cheapest: El Manglar

Why? All 18 holes are par 3 making it a glorified pitch and putt (albeit a very nice Jack Nichalaus designed one)

Best Value Course: Probably Iberostar Cancun & Riviera Cancun golf courses.*

Why? Generally farily well priced and offer food/drinks, before/during & after your round.

Worst Value: Moon Palace

Why? Expensive & busy for non-hotel golfers. However it transforms to great value if you are staying in the Moon Palace complex and can use your resort credits for golf.

Easiest: Iberostar and Pok ta Pok

Why? You can spray your driver around more as some holes have adjacent fairways giving you a little more room for slicing your T-shot. That`s not to say they are easy courses, just easier than the other golf courses in the Cancun & Riviera Maya.

Mayakoba golf course PGA event
Ricky Fowler shows us how it`s done at the PGA event at Mayakoba Golf Course, the most expensive course to play but definitely worth it!

Ricky Fowler shows us how it`s done at the PGA event at Mayakoba Golf Course, the most expensive course to play but definitely worth it!

Best Place to Rent you Golf Clubs?: with us... Cancun Golf Club Rentals of course!

Why? We have a much wider selection of quality golf clubs and guarantee the best prices!

* UPDATE: 30 JAN 18: Riviera Cancun golf course has changed ownership and prices are set to increase so it might not be so good value after all. Remember if you find golf in cancun at around the $100 USD mark that`s a good deal for the area.

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1 Comment

Paul Wilson
Paul Wilson
May 23

Hi. I see this is an article from 2018. Looks very useful, certainly the best I've seen, but could you perhaps update for 2024? Now Mayakoba boasts the multi-trillion dollar LIV tour, while the Jack Nicklaus Par-3 course is now associated with the PGA Tour event at Vidanta (albeit on the other side of the country!)

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