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So your hotel offers Free golf at a beatiful Cancun golf course?

Updated: Jan 26

Free Golf in Cancun sound a little too good to be true?

What`s the deal with hotels in Cancun and Riviera Maya offering “free” golf at a local golf course and is it really free?

A few years ago my mother and father came out from the UK to visit. They wanted a bit of luxury so booked a 5 star all-inclusive hotel, which included “free golf” at a golf course in the Cancun area (I won`t mention the hotel or golf course as lots of golf courses and hotels offer the same “deal” and it would be unfair to pick on any one in particular)

As any keen golfer would agree “free golf” at one of Cancun`s beautiful Caribbean golf courses sounded very appealing and was a major factor in them booking the particular hotel in question.

Golfers having fun at Puerto Cancun Golf Course
Amazing golf at one of Cancun`s many golf courses......but for free? (pic. Puerto Cancun Golf Cours)

Amazing golf at one of Cancun`s many golf courses......but for free?

They were looking forward to walking a few holes every morning so were disappointed to be told on arrival that they weren`t allowed to walk; “free-golf” actually meant “free green fees” and they would have to pay $75usd for the compulsory use of a golf buggy. Furthermore, as they were getting “free golf” the T-times available were limited to late afternoon, something which could be circumnavigated if they were to pay a “small” supplement of $20 usd per person.

Factoring in the Taxi fares to and from the golf course ($60usd round trip) on days I couldn`t drive them myself and suddenly golf didn`t seem so “free”.

They reluctantly paid for the extras and thoroughly enjoyed their holiday and amazing golf almost every day.

Unfortunately my parents golfing experience wasn`t unique to them, it`s a compliant I commonly hear from my customers. They love the golf courses of Cancun / Riviera Maya but feel somewhat deceived by the “Free golf” tag their hotel sold their resort on.

So how much is “Free golf in Cancun”?

It can be very difficult to find out from the hotel the exact price of “free golf” before you arrive in resort, as staff seem to be somewhat vague with this information and it seems to be constantly changing anyway.

A few weeks ago four of my customers (the Louvier boys from Alaska in case you`re reading Jason) paid a $250usd supplement which included the golf cart and gave unrestricted T-times at a local Cancun Golf Course for the 6 days they were visiting.

It seems that the absolute minimum you can get “free” golf for is the Golf buggy supplement, which is $55usd (although nearer $75 at most golf courses)

Don`t get me wrong, I am not saying that with the extra supplements the golf is not worth it; it`s probably the best deal you`ll get and the golf courses of Cancun and the Riviera Maya truly are 5 Star golf courses. My point is that if a something sounds too good too be true………it probably is!

Top Tips:

Things to be aware of and factor in if your hotel offers free golf at any Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen or Cancun Golf course.

  1. Ask which course is “free”. Often it won`t be the nearest course and will be 30/40 minutes away.

  2. Some golf courses offer free transportation from hotel to the golf course. This is great but be aware that they will probably stop off at other hotels to pick up more golfers. For the return transportation be prepared to wait a few hours at the golf course (not a problem as most have a great 19th hole, just don`t expect to be on the beach in the afternoon!).

  3. Ask the hotel how much extra supplements with be and how much a return taxi (if transportation is not included). Sometimes it might be cheaper to pay at a nearer course once you`ve factored these costs in.

  4. Playing golf on your own? You will normally have to pay a “single” golfer supplement and have to wait to be paired with someone at the golf course.

  5. Your non-golf player partner wants to ride with you? It`d cost about $30 (more if drinks are inclusive).

We would love to hear your experiences of your Cancun/ Playa del Carmen / Riviera Maya golf vacation so please share your thoughts with us and post a comment below....and remember whatever Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya Golf Course you decide to play you will get the best deal through us, Oh….and before you ask, no they are not FREE!

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Jan 13, 2018

Thanks for the info. and for the great clubs we rented through Cancun Golf. New clubs delivered right to our hotel at great prices! Definately will be calling you in the spring for our club rentals! Stress Free Vacation = Great Rounds of Golf!

Thanks Gavin!


Gemma Rhind
Gemma Rhind
Jan 05, 2018

Thanks for the info. We had exactly the same experience with the hotel we stayed in playa carmen. Still really enjoyed the golf courses and winter golf was a great change for us!

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