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El Tinto:Cancun Country Club & Golf Course

Updated: May 8

el tinto Cancun Country Club Golf Course
Teeing off on the 1st at El Tinto Country Club

Nestled in Cancun's lush jungle just off the main highway, El Tinto Golf Course, also known as Cancun Country Club, offers a captivating blend of nature and design across its 7400 yards. With meticulously maintained fairways and greens, it provides a challenging yet inviting setting for golfers of all levels.

Featuring strategic obstacles (there are over 80 bunkers) and a serene backdrop of jungle instead of typical mangroves found at other Cancun golf courses, El Tinto stands out. Its tranquil atmosphere, free from hotels and minimal residential presence, allows players to immerse themselves in nature while enjoying their game.

Regardless of skill level, El Tinto/Cancun Country Club promises a fulfilling experience, balancing challenge with natural beauty.

El Tinto: Cancun Country Club

el tinto cancun country club score card
Cancun´s Country Club: Score Card

Technical Info:

Designed by Nice Price

Par: 72

Black T box: 7,435 yards


Course Rating: 75.8


Green fees include a golf buggy and driving range balls. (no food and drink like some of the other golf courses).


El Tinto Golf Course has one of the largest practice facilities in the state, including a large putting green, pitching area, fairway, and greenside bunker practice.

Golf putting green at Cancun Cancun Club
Great putting green and practice area
Golf courses cancun country club

Shop at Cancun Country Club Golf Course

The Pro Shop at El Tinto Golf Course Cancun is well-stocked with balls, gloves, shirts, hats, and accessories.

Snack bar at Cancun Country Club Golf course

Snack Bar 

Serving beverages, munchies, sandwiches, and other nibbles. El Tinto Golf Course provides cart bar services.

Unique Features for Cancun Country Club / El Tinto

1. Appealing to golfers of all skill levels, this golf course offers enjoyment for both low and high-handicap players.

At a length of 7400 yards from the tips, the course presents a formidable challenge for skilled golfers, requiring them to employ a diverse range of clubs to navigate the terrain and reach the greens. Distinguishing itself from other Cancun golf courses that feature watery mangroves, this course is surrounded by lush jungle. Combined with generously wide fairways, this setting minimizes the likelihood of lost balls, making the experience more forgiving for the average golfer.

2. The golf course is enveloped by lush jungle, devoid of hotels and sparsely populated with only a few houses. This serene and picturesque environment provides golfers with a tranquil and beautiful setting to relish a few hours on the course.

Wide fairways, Bunkers, Jungle and Natural Ceotes are features of this beautiful golf course.

Top Tips: El Tinto Golf Course / Cancun Cancun Club

Tee time Tips for Cancun Country Club Golf course

  1. Pay Attention to Elevation Changes: El Tinto features natural elevation changes that can significantly affect your shots. Take note of uphill and downhill slopes to adjust your club selection and shot trajectory accordingly.

  2. Navigate Bunkers and Lakes: With over 80 bunkers and five strategically placed lakes, El Tinto presents numerous challenges. Plan your shots carefully to avoid these hazards and minimize the risk of adding strokes to your scorecard.

  3. Located in the Jungle so take mosquito repellent with you. A brand called "Off" available in pharmacies and hotel shops is a good option.

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